Fully qualified ADI driving instructor serving Middlesbrough

There are several courses you can take – it all depends on where you are with your driving, and how close you are to being able to pass your test. Get in touch with me to enquire, if you are unsure.

Intensive and semi-intensive driving courses

Unless you are practising regularly in between, weekly lessons can sometimes be a case of two steps forward, one step back – especially on occasions where you have had to cancel a lesson for whatever reason. Vital knowledge is lost or misremembered, and has to be re-learnt.

This is why intensive and semi-intensive lessons are becoming so popular. There’s no opportunity for forgetting – you are in a position where you have to practise and practise till you get it right! To enquire about your lessons, contact me to discuss your needs.

Driving course information

Weekly lessons – the tried and tested way of learning to drive. I’ll keep a close eye on your progress and set objectives for each upcoming lesson.
Block booking – a surefire way to save some cash!
Test booster course – for those who are nearly there but just need a little extra practice to make sure they’re really ready for their test
Midway pass course – you’ve learnt the basics, but you still have a little way to go to master the skill of driving.
This course is for you.
Semi-intensive pass course – really get your teeth into driving with this intensive course, which is spread over two (or more) weeks
One-week pass course – in a hurry? Learn the skill of driving fast with this one-week course. You’ll need to do plenty of study in your own time, too!
Pass Plus – for those who have passed their test and want extra experience in learning to drive in an array of challenging conditions. May even lower your insurance.

Driving courses and
learning options:

  • Weekly Lessons
  • Block booking
  • Test booster course 15 hours
  • Midway pass course 20 hours
  • Semi-intensive pass course 30 hours
  • One-week pass course 30 hours
  • Pass Plus course
  • For a fully qualified driving instructor serving Middlesbrough, call Driving Lessons with Patrick on